Mobile MRI

Mobile MRI


The comprehensive, certified Smit Mobile MRI design is the result of close collaboration between Smit Mobile Equipment and the OEM of the medical equipment. Smit Mobile Equipment is certified by Philips, Siemens and GE. The layout of each unit is designed to create an optimal environment for both patient and operator. The practical result is an efficient working environment that enables the user to conduct a maximum daily number of examinations.

The certified designs, ranging from 1.5T to 3.0T, include a technical room for system-related components, a control room that complies with all the latest standards in ergonomics, and a convenient examination room.


Other standard features are:

•lift for patient-friendly access;

•magnetic shielding to keep the five gauss line within the dimensions of the unit;

•RF-shielded examination room;

•air conditioning;

•chiller to support the MRI system;

•onboard sound-insulated generator to support the unit while in transit.

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