Why mobile



With a Smit Mobile unit, you will have the latest technological developments within reach – a state-of-the-art solution offering maximum flexibility.

A Mobile unit offers the user the possibility to adjust the technical capacity of the installed diagnostic equipment to the number of presenting patients. The supply in terms of patients of several care centres can thus be divided over one or several Mobile units. Sharing the use of the Mobile unit(s), every care centre remains in full control of its patients and revenue.

As an alternative to fixed installations, a Mobile solution offers numerous advantages, including a significant reduction in delays caused by licence application procedures and major, expensive reconstructions.

The layout of each unit is designed to create an optimal environment for both patient and operator. The practical result is an efficient working environment that enables the user to conduct a maximum daily number of examinations.

The comprehensive designs are the result of close collaboration between the OEM of the medical equipment and Smit Mobile Equipment B.V. The technical installations, like the climate control system, were designed with a specific focus on creating an optimal environment for the patient, the operator and the equipment.

These high-quality products come with standard options in terms of operational services such as preventive maintenance.

A Smit Mobile unit is the solution to many cost-related issues.

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