Why relocatable

Why relocatable


With a Smit Relocatable unit, you will have the latest technological developments within reach – a state-of-the-art solution offering maximum flexibility.

When a hospital is in need of additional diagnostic capacity but is limited in space and resources, a Smit Relocatable solution is the answer. The combination of design features such as magnetic or lead shielding in the walls of the examination room and an RF-shielded environment (MRI feature only) allows the hospital to place the unit literally anywhere. A solid foundation and power supply are the required elements to have additional capacity within reach. As it is possible to include the latest in IT technology, your Relocatable scanner can easily be integrated in your existing fixed capacity and software systems.

The comprehensive designs are the result of close collaboration between the OEM of the medical equipment and Smit Mobile Equipment B.V. The technical installations, like the climate control system, were designed with a specific focus on creating an optimal environment for the patient, the operator and the equipment.

Additional facilities, such as a reception area, waiting area, changing cubicles and staff accommodation, can easily be added by connecting a second Relocatable unit. Hospitals can create their own self-supporting diagnostic department in no time.

A Smit Relocatable solution is the perfect solution for your hospital if you are reluctant to spend a significant part of your budget on construction work and architects, or when time is a critical factor and permit procedures only cause delays. A Smit Relocatable solution is the fastest way to add state-of-the-art technology in a sleek design with superior functionality.

We have designs for all diagnostic modalities in combination with facility units when required.

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